Thursday, June 5, 2008

What a great week!

This week has been WONDERFUL! Zachary started sleeping through the ENTIRE NIGHT...not just for 6 hours but for TEN HOURS!!!! All of last week we would just put Zachary in his crib, turn on his fishy aquarium and he would fall asleep by this week he is sleeping through the night! We hope this sticks...more hours of un-interrupted sleep is always in demand!

This weekend we are headed to Moab! We have never been, so we decided to head down for a couple of days and check it out! Watch for some pictures later on.


Kelly said...

You'll love Moab. Congratulations on your long nights of sleep! Go, Zachary!

Daniel and AnnaMarie Miller and family said...

YAY for that milestone! Jax is a great sleeper and it has made things so much easier!