Saturday, January 17, 2009

Party Time!

Today our baby turned ONE YEAR OLD! We can hardly believe we woke up around 7:30am this morning we reminisced what we were doing one year ago at that exact moment. Both scared and excited at the same time - waiting in the operating room for Dr. Smith to come in the room to bring Zachary into this world via c-section. Now one year later....we have the most amazing child (all parents say we know why!).

Physically we can tell Zach has Jen's eyes, Jen's scowl, and possibly Jen's giant feet....Zach also has Dustin's nose, Dustin's smile and Dustin's curiosity on how things work and how to make it "better". We wouldn't change Zachary one bit and look forward to the rest of our lives with him.

So today - Zachary Dustin Gray is ONE YEAR OLD! No rules today - it is his way! Zach's Grandma and Grandpa Twogood drove in from California. His Grandpa Gray drove in from Colorado. Great Aunt Pat, Great Aunt Mary and Great Uncle Leo and some friends in Utah helped us celebrate! Now for the pictures.......

Jen had a local bakery make this cake - she actually designed it herself! Too bad they didn't follow directions completely - the frosting was suppose to be chocolate not white...but it still looked and TASTED yummy!

Zach got quite the haul of presents (see them behind him!) - thanks everyone!

Zach didn't quite get the whole "blow out the candle" deal - even though we practiced....

No holding back

Yeah - I am the King - pound it...

We were so PROUD! He demolished the cake!

The bath after the cake - see the cake floaters?

We had two people taking pictures and have way too many to post here - so if you want to see all of them view our photo album.

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~AnnaMarie~ said...

HE is so cute! Congratulations to Zach!