Sunday, January 4, 2009

Weekend project

Adding cabinet hardware has been on our home project "to do" list for a while. We FINALLY picked out some knobs and pulls and bought them last week - the delay has been agreeing on a style. In the end I think Dustin just gave in to Jen and let her pick out what she wanted. We wanted to have the hardware added before Zach started going crazy and opening cabinets so we could "lock" them. Turns out adding hardware to our cabinets actually just made Zachary more curious - and we didn't think about the fact that he can pull the actual drawers open now.....whoops....I guess we are still learning about this parenting thing!

We even got a video of Zach "exploring"

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Kelly said...

Love they finished look of the cabinets with the silver knobs and pulls. Good work!