Saturday, November 21, 2009

MacBook Pro

We made the switch....

We had been talking for a while about getting a Mac. Since they are $$ - we decided this was the year for the mega-combo gift. This 15" MacBook Pro is our anniversary, Jen's birthday and our Christmas gift this year! We were a bit disappointed that we couldn't get the SSD hard drive upgrade - but since we make the chips that go into them we know how much of a hot commodity they are....figure give it 6 months for supply to catch up with the demand...and then we can upgrade on our own (for at least half price).

Next project - get our camcorder videos in order so there is room on that hard drive when baby #2 arrives in 5 weeks...this is where the Mac is going to be our BEST FRIEND!

1 comment:

Rushell said...

TRAITORS!!!! How am I suppose to tell Jeff we don't need one now! Way to go, now he is definitly going to get one because you have one!