Friday, November 27, 2009

Seizure follow up

We visited Zach's pediatrician today. All the remaining blood work we were waiting on did not reveal any type of major infection that would have cause the sudden spike in body temperature that induced Zach's seizure. The pediatrician did say that BOTH of Zach's ears were infected, not one EAR like the ER doctor told us. We are told to continue the antibiotics we have been taking....and that is about it.

Good news is that Zach's fever finally broke this morning. He ran a fever between 99.5 and 102 all Thanksgiving day while hopped up on Tylenol AND Motrin. So what ever Zach's body is fighting it is doing a good job!

Apparently we are one of the lucky 5% of all children to experience a febrile seizure. Zach also has a 25% of having it happen again before the age of 5-8. There is no risk of brain damage, etc with febrile seizures.....we just need to make sure the AIRWAY GETS OPENED!!!

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