Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dustin's day of celebration!

Today is Dustin's birthday! Wahooooooo! We like to party it up in the grAy hOUsE. Normally we would take the day off work - but since we had Monday off for Memorial day and Jen is currently only working mornings on Tuesdays....we just decided to make it a short work day. Dustin was at work long enough to go out to lunch with his co-workers and enjoy some birthday cake delivered by Jen. Costco cakes are yummy - where else can you get something that is cheap, tastes good and will put you in a diabetic coma in only one serving?!

Following work Dustin headed home to a house with TWO kiddos we decided to take naps also! It may have only been for a hour - but dang, naps are soooooooooo GOOD! Once we all woke up it was time to head down to Provo for some all you can eat Brazilian grill for dinner - Dustin's all time favorite plus his meal was FREE because it was his birthday! Glen joined us and the kids for the dinner time celebration! We find the kids behave better at dinner when Grandpa is around.

Zach LOVED having tongs as a utensil (you are suppose to use them to grab the meat when they bring it to your table) - he would grab some food, put the closed tong in his mouth and then open the tong in his mouth. The food from his mouth would then proceed to fall on the floor. After a while he gave up and started using his hands.

Logan decided he was going to try wild tiger for dinner.

Couple shot!

Zach being goofy with mom....

After dinner they had a water fountain display outside the restaurant. Zach kept saying he wanted to go see the we did. We had an extra change of clothes in the car so we let him go wild and get wet. Dustin of course may have ENSURED Zach got wet - but they loved every minute of it!

Back home we got ready to open presents. Thanks to our handy cameraman Glen - we have a family shot!! Look at Logan - he is even looking at the camera! Zach just wanted to open the presents.

I don't think Dustin got to open a single one of his presents - Zach opened them all..including the cards!

Zach thought the shirt Dustin got with the trucks on it was pretty cool.

Now cake time (actually it was a pie this year!). We had been working on singing the "Happy Birthday" song with Zach - so of course we sang the song and blew out the candle about three times total. It was Logan's first candle and as you can see by the picture he was REALLY interested in it.....

We were so focused on Zach - making sure he didn't touch the pie or put his fingers in it...we didn't pay attention to what Logan's intentions were.....

Yes - that is Logan's hand in the pie! The funny part is that Zach has his hand on top of Logan's - he was saying "no no no baby!". Zach of course had a BLAST getting Logan cleaned up. We think Logan enjoyed it too!

Happy 35th Birthday to the best HUSBAND, FATHER and FRIEND ever!

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