Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Logan's 1st haircut

Today we had an appointment to get Zach's haircut. As the lady was finishing up we decided to have her cut Logan's hair. Logan's hair needed to be evened out - plus we think he looks good with his little faux-hawk.

Here is Logan - all ready to get started. He was excited to sit in the "car" and hold a steering wheel all by himself!

Here is big brother Zach showing Logan his new hair cut.

Logan did really good - the only part he was crying/whining about was clippers around his ears. The rest of the time he was all smiles!

Now doesn't that LOOK BETTER?! This same stylist was the lady that gave Zach his first haircut when he was 9 months old. Every time we go in there she REMEMBERS Zach!

Daddy and his boy!

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