Saturday, April 28, 2012

Jen's first 5K

What?  Jen did a 5K?


We will just call it peer pressure :)  One of Jen's friends started with 5K's last year and is starting to run half to full marathons this summer!  Another one of Jen's friends has just started getting into triathlons.  So this is where the peer pressure came from.  Jen and Kristin did the Thanksgiving Point 5K and Morgan did the half marathon.

Jen's goal - just to finish....even if it meant walking the whole thing.  She did some running and some walking (okay, so mostly walking)...but she finished!

Every participant received a 'medal'....Jen's first medal (and probably her last!).

Jen can now cross this off her bucket list.  She wishes she loved to run, but alas...she does not.

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