Monday, April 23, 2012

More whoa's for Zach

Well - given how Zach's health over the weekend was so wishy washy we decided to take him to the doctor for a check up.  He had a 100 degree fever off and on all weekend long and kept complaining of a stomach ache and a headache.

The assistant at the pediatricians office walked us to the patient room and asked what was going on.  We told her his symptoms.  She took a throat sample and left the room.  About five minutes later the pediatrician walked in and said....."well, I know what is wrong".  Dustin and I looked at each other a bit confused, and the pediatrician proceeded to tell us that Zach has strep throat.  We never suspected strep throat because Zach never complained about his throat hurting.  Apparently stomach aches and headaches are the common symptoms of strep throat in kids under the age of 7 years old.  The pediatrician then proceeds to check out everything else on Zach.  He starts by looking inside his right ear....he is looking for a really long time, longer than normal when we have brought Zach in for ear infections.  The pediatrician looks at us and informs us Zach's right ear drum is ruptured.  The fluid hasn't drained completely, but it should in the next couple of days.  Again we are shocked because Zach hasn't complained of any ear pain.  Zach's right ear is the one we have been having our ENT watch the past two months to see if the fluid would drain on its own so we could avoid a second round of ear tubes.  I explain this to the pediatrician and he isn't pleased.  He is adamant Zach needs ear tubes again.  He gives us a referral to a different ENT.  We feel like loser parents knowing Zach's ruptured ear drum could have been prevented if we pushed our original ENT for ear tubes two months earlier.

$15 co-pay, prescription for Augmentin (for the ear and strep throat), and a referral to a new ENT with an appointment in two weeks.....

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