Saturday, November 24, 2012

Logan's Shave

We were all distracted.....Jen was answering a page from work, Dustin and Zach were putting ornaments on our Christmas tree. We didn't notice Logan was gone for a split second...but we did notice when Logan came waltzing back in the room with a big smile on his face. Further investigation found he had given himself a hair cut with Dustin's facial shaver and slathered hair gel on his head.  We didn't know quite what to do.  We couldn't get mad and we were fighting back the laughter.

So we decided to just cut off all the rest of his hair.  We leveled it all back to a #1.

Logan LOVED his new hair do....Zach was jealous Logan was getting a haircut at home.

His precious hair!  Sigh......

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Anonymous said...

The one of Logan sitting on the stool with his arms folded and his head hanging...he looks so dejected