Friday, November 23, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree

It is our family tradition to chop down our Christmas Tree the day after Thanksgiving.  Some years it is cold and snowy outside, but this year it was clear and brisk.

We walked around for a while, looking at several trees and then we finally found the one we wanted.  It was a tall and fat tree!  Jen stood watch with the tree while the boys went and paid for it and grabbed someone to haul it out of the field.

The boys all showed back up in a 4x4 with a trailer...the kids were able to drive it!  Check out their faces.

Getting the tree on the top of the 4 runner seemed more difficult this year.  This tree was quite a bit fatter than other trees we have had....the branches extended down over our doors and partially over the front windshield!

We brought the tree home and got it up in the living room...trimmed the branches a bit (because it was fat!)...and slowly worked on decorating it the next few days :)

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