Friday, January 18, 2013

ENT surgery round #3!

Nothing like meeting your medical deductible only 18 days into the new year!  This time for the ENT it is LOGAN!  We've been monitoring Logan's speech and hearing for several months now.  Last October both his ears passed the 'newborn screening', then in early December the right ear failed, then the first week of January both ears failed.  The audiologist knew there was fluid in his hear based off the tests, yet she couldn't see fluid in Logan's ears and they were not infected.  So off to the ENT we went, knowing Logan needed ear tubes.  The ENT agreed and also recommended Logan get his tonsils and adenoids removed.  Logan's tonsils have been HUGE for well over a year and he had his first round of strep throat in November.  He has had problems with sleep apnea and snoring...all due to those HUGE tonsils.  So today was they surgery day - tubes in both ears, both adenoids and his tonsils removed.

Logan was the youngest patient for our ENT in surgery today, which meant he was the first on the schedule.  We were to show up to the hospital at 6:30am and surgery was to start at 7:30am.  Lucky for us we got a recovery room with a DOOR so we could not let Logan get too worried about what was going on around him in the other recovery rooms.  We got him dressed up in his gown and he was set with watching the TV in his room.

Once they gave him the 'happy juice' to relax him before surgery, that is when things got really fun.  Logan just kept looking at his Scooby Doo stuffed animal and hiding under the blankets.

Shortly after 7:30am, they wheeled him back for surgery.  30 minutes later our ENT came to the room - that was a fast surgery!  He said everything went well...the tonsils were HUGE and Logan had really thick mucus type liquid in his ears (that is why they couldn't 'see' it just by looking in his ears, it didn't move!).  The ENT was confident Logan would be hearing much better as soon as he woke up from the surgery.

About 30 minutes later they brought a crying Logan to us.  Apparently he was freaking out and tugging at his ears when he came too so they gave him morphine and then brought him to us.  He cried in Dustin's arms for about 10 minutes and then fell asleep.  The nurse same in and didn't like Logan's oxygen levels so we laid him down on the bed and put the oxygen mask right near his mouth while he slept.  Morphine slows down your breathing, so they wanted to watch him until the morphine wore off.

Logan slept peacefully for about three hours.  He woke up and started watching TV and ate two popsicle's.  His oxygen levels stayed above 90% after the morphine wore off and we were discharged to go home.

He has been such a trooper at home.  He really hasn't been complaining of much pain, and he is willing to eat popsicle's....lets see how he does the next couple of days.

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