Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Growing up stats

Today the boys both had their 'wellness' check ups.  Zach was being seen for his 5 year old exam and Logan was being seen for his 3 year old exam.  They both did excellent in the office - quite well behaved.  Zach just kept asking if he had to get shots.  Starting at 5 years old they prick their finger to test hemoglobin levels, collect a urine sample, and check their vision with the eye chart.  Both boys still have tubes in their ears.  Everything else checked out fine.  Here are the stats:

Age = 5 years
Weight = 43 pounds (65th percentile)
Height = 44.2 inches (74th percentile)

Age = 3 years
Weight = 33.6 pounds (67th percentile)
Height = 38.5 inches (70th percentile)

And finally....the BEST part of wellness check ups (NOT!)...the shots.  Logan apparently didn't need any (really?).  We opted to not have Zach get his kindergarten shots at his 4 year old check up, so today he had THREE injections.  He started to get all worked up for the shots, and when the nurses slapped the band-aids on his legs when they were done - Zach looked all confused.  He didn't even feel the shots!  Of course being the good parents that we are we totally talked it up on how 'brave' Zach was...yup, that was the talk of tonight.

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