Saturday, September 28, 2013

Getting ready for Fall

What a perfect Saturday to hit up the local pumpkin patch for some Fall (soon to be Halloween) decor! We always love hitting up Maybey's to get our pumpkins.  Thank goodness for Facebook - we learned today was their opening day!  Jen's parents were in town visiting this weekend, so they were able to come with us.

Look at those orange beauties!

Dustin picked out a BIG pumpkin - have fun carving that!

That pumpkin pretty much filled the whole wagon!

This is the first year we've seen all the pumpkins still on the vine....way cool!

 Logan venturing out to find some more cool pumpkins

Zach was a bit indecisive....

Our final haul...we said we were only going to get 4 are 8 in that wagon.

Photo moment with Grandma and Grandpa Twogood

Strong man is hauling them back to our car...never underestimate the power of a 'batman'

The boys power washed off the front porch and the pumpkins.  They will now reside on our front porch until after Halloween!

How many more pumpkins do you think we will end up with before it actually reaches Halloween?

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