Thursday, September 12, 2013

Claim to fame?

The company we work for - IM Flash Technologies - went through a website re-design over this year.  They really did a good job of talking with people in the company about what they enjoy about their job...and they only used people pictures from our employees on the website....they made it personal.  This website has been live for about a month now.  Now here is why you needed to know all this....

Jen was at BYU tonight with four other colleagues, presenting to a group of Chemical Engineering students on who IM Flash is and what we do and how Chemical Engineers play a role.  The whole thing lasted about 1.5 hours.  Afterwards the students come up and talk with us individually asking what ever questions they wanted.  Jen had two students approach her and say, " are the one on the front page of the website!"

Um...yes...yes I am (as I try and avoid turning red in the face).  I don't think I EVER expected that to happen.  Now I need some cool come back lines......

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