Saturday, May 31, 2014

Happy Birthday Dustin (early)

The best part about having your Birthday fall during a weekend is you get to celebrate all weekend long!  Since we planned on going to Lagoon tomorrow on Dustin's actual birthday we decided to open presents and have cake tonight.

Its always a scramble to open presents with our kids around...they grab all of them and rip off all the paper before you even realize it!  It is also fun to take your kids to the store to pick out a present for someone never know what you are going to get, for example:

A lighter!

A coconut!

Star wars Legos!

Jody sent Dustin a bunch of books from a comic he introduced him to several years ago.

Dustin's brothers sent him this package....check out all the stamps!  The perks of working for the post office...

 Hot salsa!

Dustin requested a peanut butter cup we found him a yummy peanut butter cup pie!  

Yeah...the kids REALLY wanted to dig into that pie!

Happy 39th Birthday Dustin!  We've got one more year to make some sweet memories in your 30's....and we already have plans to ring in the 40's with a BANG!

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