Friday, May 2, 2014

Hawaii - Day #3

Today we decided to hike down from the Pololu Valley lookout on the northern part of the island.  Last time we were on this island we only drove to the lookout, we didn't hike down to the bottom where the beach was.  It was only about a one mile hike...easy going down, not so easy going up!

When you are at the top it doesn't look like it is too far to get to that beach at the bottom...and there is NO ONE THERE!

We are getting closer...

Wahoo - we made it to the bottom!  We decided to take a quick break in the shade on some of the big tree branches at the edge of the beach.

The kids found a huge frog!  That isn't something you plan on seeing near a beach....

The beach was BEAUTIFUL!

Logan had fun exploring the rocks with Grandma...

Zach wanted to go look for more frogs.....

Near the trail head to head back up there was a small stream that slowly made its way in to the valley.

Jen's parents with the valley behind them.  It was so GREEN!

It was a nice hike!  We were all tired afterwards though....we headed to the next small town and had a late lunch and refueled with some local ice cream!

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