Thursday, September 3, 2009

Professor Gray

Surprised?! We were! Jen was approached by University relations at work last spring about potentially helping teach a freshman engineering seminar class at BYU. The Electrical and Computer Engineering department was on a mission to help recruit more students to the major and felt that if they had a "real engineer" help teach the introduction to the major class - maybe the students could get a bigger picture of how they could/would fit in to the world of Electrical or Computer Engineering. Being that Jen was an alumni of the department and a happened to be a female....everything just seemed to fall into place.

So today was the first "day" of being addressed as Professor Gray. The class has 250 students enrolled. Jen is co-teaching with one of the professors of the Electrical and Computer engineering department. She teaches a 50 minute lecture once every two weeks. They don't dive deep into much engineering stuff, just mainly an overview class to give freshman an idea of things they could do if they pursued a major in Electrical or Computer Engineering. The college WANTS Jen to mix in as much "real life" engineering examples into her lectures...shouldn't be hard as she has NINE YEARS of working experience!

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Rushell said...

Wow! That is awsome. How long are you doing it for. And they are paying you right?