Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Everyone that knows Dustin knows that his belly is part Mexican - he LOVES to eat spicy food and is a skilled homemade salsa maker! We came across a bushel of perfectly ripe tomatoes and discussed what we could do with them.....can SALSA of course! Jen has canned once - about 5 years ago back in Texas she canned peach jam. Dustin has never canned. So here is how it went:

Step #1 - make the salsa

Step #2 - heat up the jars....funny story - we didn't have a normal pot big enough to cover the large mason jars we had. Dustin solved that problem by getting out the huge pot from his turkey fryer!
Step #3 - fill the jars

Step #4 - put the lids on and boil the jars again
Step #5 - pull the jars out and let them cool
Now we have enough salsa to last us this winter!

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Craig said...

Yummy! Dustin, you look so skinny! Congrats! I would have to say you might have lost the mexican part of your belly. You may have to eat some of that yummy salsa.