Sunday, December 6, 2009

Birthday boy GLEN

This weekend was Glen's birthday. The older you get the longer birthdays get celebrated ;) So of course we kept this celebration going all weekend long! On Saturday night we headed to Texas Roadhouse for the birthday occasion. Glen tried to order a salad and we told him NO. You don't go to a steakhouse on your birthday and order a SALAD! It didn't take much convincing for him to order some ribs. Of course the best part about going to Texas Roadhouse on your birthday is you get to sit on the saddle while being sang to:

Look at Glen trying to hold back a smile. He proudly told everyone he turned 21 today! On Sunday we had the birthday cake and opening of presents. Glen requested the Gray family "oatmeal chocolate chip cake" for his birthday....this was Jen's first time making the famous cake....boy was it sure GOOD! I am sure this cake will be used time and time again for birthdays!

Zach of course helped his grandpa blow out the candles and open the presents! We had a great time during your birthday weekend Glen - happy 21st BIRTHDAY!!

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