Sunday, December 13, 2009


Finally finally finally.......this has made its presence into our neck of the woods in Utah:

Jen - being born and raised in California knows all about this famous hamburger joint....her order.....a #2, no sauce, add ketchup, make the drink a strawberry shake. Dustin likes a #1, animal style.

Utahan's have been going CRAZY over having an In-n-Out here. The place is a MADHOUSE - we went on a Sunday evening (hoping all Mormons were at home) and still had to wait about 30 minutes from the time we pulled up to the drive through line (which was down the street, not even in the shopping center yet) to when we actually received our food. 30 minutes is actually a very short wait compared to what it has been around here for the past month.


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Jen M said...

yummy..In n the BEST!