Sunday, May 30, 2010

Day out with Thomas

Today we took the kids and Glen out to Heber City Utah for "Day out with Thomas". Zach always has loved trains and we figured this would be a great time from him to actually RIDE one! He has a few Thomas the Train DVDs which he does like to why not?! The weather turned out BEAUTIFUL - the drive up the mouth of the Provo canyon was picture perfect. Zach has been fighting naps this past week - so of course FIVE MINUTES before we arrived to the train station he fell asleep. We packed him up and decided to start our adventure anyways.

After about 20 minutes of getting our train tickets and scoping out the activities - Zach finally woke up (and in a GOOD mood!). We decided he would love the tattoo booth the best and went there first. Both Zach and Dustin got Thomas the train tattoos on their arms!

Next stop - the "interactive" booth. Zach just stared at the trains. Didn't really trying to play with them - just watched them.

Then Thomas came rolling back into the station; we had to go show Zach Thomas the train (he had not physically seen him since he woke up from his short nap).

Now it was OUR TURN to get a ride from Thomas the train! We let Zach pick out where we would sit.

Zach was very excited to have his Grandpa Gray join us for the train ride.

We think Zach LOVED his first train ride...

Logan we aren't so sure....about half way through the ride he just got really sad...

...but we were able to bring the smiles back!

Zach became an official junior engineer:

Our train ride was done and it was time to do some more exploring. Zach checked out the tracks, an ambulance, and of course the gift shop.

This is when it started becoming apparent Zach NEEDED a longer nap. Our two year old was acting like a two year old and it probably didn't help we were all suffering from allergies. So we decided it was time to head back home. On our way back to the car we saw a helicopter fly by!

Now our kids (and US!) can brag about their day out with Thomas the train!

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