Saturday, May 15, 2010

Dishwasher of FIRE

Yes - we have/had a dishwasher of FIRE!

Dustin finished loading the dishwasher this morning after breakfast as we were preparing to do our Saturday activities...all of a sudden we hear "holy crap - the dishwasher just sent a spark across the floor" after the dishwasher door was shut. We look a bit further....yup - the fuse is blown. Seeing how we are two engineers - we knew what was going on. One of the wires must have been smashed causing the short. Here is what the side of the dishwasher door looked like:

Sure enough - one of the power wires had been damaged (the white one in this image):

Dustin's dad fixing it up...ironically this was the perfect opportunity to use this special "electrical tape" that the men had bought at the MAN EXPO a month ago.

Nothing like fixing a dishwasher on a Saturday morning as you are getting ready to run out the door for a car show...and Dustin leaving that afternoon for a 4 day Moab trip...

Sometimes it pays to be a nerd. Today was one of those days!

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Craignlisa said...

Wow! See, I would have been stuck without a dishwasher. It is nice to have handy people around. Especially engineers! Glad Zach wasn't right there to get zapped!