Saturday, November 20, 2010

I wanna go in the Hummer!

At the shop where Dustin is restoring his Dad's truck they have a stretched hummer.. Zach thinks its awesome.

Here is the '58 sitting next to the hummer a few weeks ago..

Today Zach got a chance to see the hummer up close!

He sat in the front of the truck and said things like, "Vroom Vroom", and "My Hummer!" Then he said "Close the door!"

So we did, and he loved it. All he needed was a chauffeur cap and he was ready to drive that limo out of the garage! It was fun until we heard.. "click click!" Jen says.. "Dustin! Zach just locked the door!" Dustin said "He'll be fine. Zach. Unlock the door." Zach replied with a smile "No!"

Then we watched him figure out how to make the electric seat slide forward and backward and all of the cool lights in the limo turning on and off.. Stinker.

Lucky for us Joe didn't have the key in the ignition, because as you can see from this picture, there is no way to crawl from the back of the limo up front because there is a wall there!

Could you imagine having to call a locksmith to break your son out of a customer's hummer limousine? Sheew. :)

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