Saturday, November 6, 2010

Nephew Scott's Birthday

While we were in California - our nephew Scott had his 4 year old birthday party. The theme of the party was "superheroes". Jen's sister-in-law Renee did a GREAT job hosting this party and keeping all the kids entertained! There was a "villain" (which was Jen's brother in disguise) that kept making appearances and the kids would have to do tasks to defeat the "villain" to gain more superhero powers!

In the end the villain was subdued...

At end of all the superhero training the kids had earned all the gear - cape, glasses, and power bracelet!

Logan flying - that superhero cape is a magical thing!

My favorite shot of the day.....Logan looks so stinking cute!

This is the cake Jen and her mom put together for the party. Sam's club did the flames for us and we got a bunch of Marvel superheroes to put on top. It turned out pretty good!

At the end of the party all the kids were playing outside and Zach was pushed down from behind.....since he didn't see it coming he landed face first on the cement patio. He had some scrapes on his face - the only thing that put him in a good mood after that was this cat. It was a four month old cat of Scott's. Zach loved that he could pick it up and hug it and kiss it and it wouldn't run away (it was too young to realize it COULD run away!).

We had a great time at Scott's birthday party.....we have a bunch of superheroes on our hands now!

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