Thursday, November 18, 2010

Zach's first dentist visit

Today was Zach's first visit to the dentist! Dustin already had a scheduled cleaning and we were able to get Zach in at the same time. We figured if we had Zach watch Dustin getting his teeth cleaned maybe it would go better. We even were seated in the "monkey room" and had the movie Shrek playing in the ceiling.

Zach was VERY interested in his dad's teeth and mouth. He insisted on helping out the hygienist the whole time.

Dustin finished up and now it was Zach's turn. He jumped up in the chair, laid back, and handed the hygienist the cookie dough flavored cleaning polish....

...and he refused to open his mouth and started crying. The whole trip had been going so well. So that was the end of the dentist trip. They don't force the kids to do stuff at the first visit, they don't want to make it traumatic for them. They seemed to think that in 6 months he would have no issues getting his teeth cleaned....I guess we will see!

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