Sunday, April 3, 2011

April FOOLS - a few days late

Just when we THOUGHT spring was here to stay.....mother nature decides to be cruel and play a belated April Fools joke on us. After our beautiful 75 degree day yesterday we woke up to this..

Yup, that is SNOW. A good 4-6 inches of SNOW. The kids were of course excited. We had to dig the snow clothes out of the basement - we put them away a few weeks ago because we thought the snow was done for the season.

We started with some driveway shoveling...Zach used his little red shovel.

Logan just decided to lay down and watch and occasionally take in a handful of snow to eat.

Then came time for some real snow fun. Sledding in the backyard, some snow balls and then making a snowman!

Of course once the driveway finally did finish getting the snow removed, the kids were quick to pull out the chalk and go to town. Who knew it would still write on wet cement?!

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Kelly said...

My sister posted some snowy pictures too from Utah. Brrrr.