Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Eggstreme!

Thanksgiving Point does an Easter Egg hunt with a bunch of activities every year. We had never been, but would only hear horror stories from other people that had attended in the past that it was way over crowded and not worth the time or money. So we had planned on skipping it this year.

Jen was gone at a hair appointment and Dustin was playing with the kids out in front of our house. They could hear music and could hear kids screaming from fun....and Dustin started getting weak. He packed up the kids with intentions to go to Del Taco and let them run around the play area...but the car was magnetized to Thanksgiving Point....and that is where the car stopped. They arrived at 9:45am, paid the $19 to get in ($8 a kid, $3 an adult) - the 0 to 3 year old egg hunt wasn't until 11am. There was plenty of things to do to pass the time....

Now it was Egg hunt time! There were TONS of eggs...

Zach was pleased with is haul. Logan only took two eggs, one for each hand. Side note on Zach's Easter "basket"....remember, Dustin wasn't "planning" on going to the Thanksgiving Point Easter Eggstreme so he didn't pack any baskets to take. Lucky for them Jen (aka MOM) had put some extra large ziplock bags in the diaper bag from earlier in the week for a different reason. Also remember...Jen is getting her hair done at this time and DOESN'T KNOW that Dustin took the kids to the egg hunt.

Logan was ready for a nap, so he just wanted to be held and watch everyone else.

After the egg hunt Dustin decided to text Jen and tell her where they were at. It just happened to be at the same time Jen was leaving the hair salon to head home, so she joined them for the rest of the fun! We handed Zach a sack to do a race and he put it over his head - uh, we had to explain the point of a sack race....

but he ended up getting it!
Logan enjoyed stuffing carrots in the holes of the board games.

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