Sunday, April 17, 2011

Idaho Falls Weekend

Dustin's youngest sister Sarah had her first baby this past week, a boy - Levi James Harris. Ironically they received the keys to their new "home" the same day! We decided to road trip it up to Idaho Falls for the weekend to help them get settled into the new place, see our new nephew and let our kids see Grandma and Grandpa Gray (also in Idaho Falls helping out).

Lehi to Idaho Falls is only a 3.5 hour drive...not too bad. We left right after lunch on Friday and luckily Logan fell asleep right at the beginning. Zach chilled and watched a movie on the drive. Zach was pretty excited to see Grandma and Grandpa Gray, Nick and Sarah. He liked the idea of going to a place called "Idaho"....and we told him we were staying at a place with a pool. We had stayed at a Hilton Garden Inn previously while in Idaho Falls and really liked it, so we decided to stay there again. The hotel is right along the river and across from the Idaho Falls LDS temple. Here was the view from our room:

Here is the actual "Idaho Falls" just down the street from our hotel:

Another reason we like staying at this hotel is the ducks. There are TONS of ducks, geese, squirrels, etc. that roam right along the river. We take a loaf of bread with us and let the kids feed them. Last time (1.5 years ago) Zach was a bit scared of the birds, but this time he LOVED it....Logan also showed no fear. He was quite interested in what they birds were doing and enjoyed eating the bread right along side with them! Every morning we would go out and feed them.

The boys took advantage of Grandma Gray time. She squeezed in the back seat with the boys during some of our in town errands. Logan fell asleep holding Grandma's hand and then Zach fell asleep on Grandma's shoulder!

Logan liked to read books with Grandma Gray and eat at the big table with Grandpa Gray.

Zach on the other hand was all about working on projects in the garage and wrestling with Grandpa Gray.

Our new nephew Levi was tiny - born at 6lbs 7oz. Logan seemed the most interested in him, he would get the closest to see what the tiny baby was doing.

Once Dustin started holding Levi - Logan started singing another tune....

Another MUST on this trip was visiting Dustin's 93 year old Grandma Simmons. She lives on some land in Rigby, Idaho.

Zach loved the open spaces at Great Grandma Simmons...and Dustin's Uncles "man toys". Lots of horses, tractors and trucks to "play" with...

We only were able to use the hotel pool once during our short Idaho falls trip. Dustin's parents came over and swam with us and the kids. Zach thought he was super cool with swim goggles - he would NOT take them off.

Logan turned into a splash-oholic. He is even more of a water baby than Zach was/is! Splash, splash, SPLASH!

Once Logan was worn out, Jen took him back to the room to get ready for bed...and apparently that is when the night began for Zach. A group of young volleyball players (early high school?) showed up and they all went gaga for Zach. He ate it UP! The kid was a total ham...we kept hearing, "girls, lets go in the little hot pool"...."girls let me jump to you"...."girls lets go back to the cold pool". Those three girls followed Zach around and did what ever he asked them to do! Dustin, Grandma and Grandpa Gray just sat back and watched Zach work the situation. They stayed at the pool until it closed at 10PM!

Obviously Dustin is proud....Jen is worried. We have a ladies man at the age of THREE?

One of the last things we were able to do before heading back to Lehi was an Easter egg hunt in Sarah and Nick's new place. The kids were pretty good about finding the eggs (the last ones standing were in the blinds!).

Zach wanted the candy inside...Logan just wanted to play with the eggs.

The drive back to Lehi wasn't as "smooth" as the drive to Idaho Falls. Our engine emissions light came on right as we were getting ready to leave town (after filling up at a gas station). We decided to stop at a McDonald's and let the kids play for a bit while we figured out what to do. We hit up an auto parts store and they determined our gas cap seal wasn't working properly and so we were getting too much air into the tank. The fix? Vaseline around the cap threads. Sure enough that did the trick - they cleared the error code and we had no problems the rest of the trip. The kids were pretty restless for the next 3.5 hours. We ate lots of junk food, stopped for dinner at Denny's and arrived in Lehi just about in tears.

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