Saturday, August 13, 2011

IM Flash Open House 2011

It is summer time, which means it is time for our work to host another Friends and Family Open House! This year they combined what had been most popular from previous years for one great big event.....outdoor catered lunch from Goodwood BBQ, outdoor games, sno cones, cotton candy AND some booths indoors - Bunny Suit pictures, AMHS race cars, YE lab show and tell....and liquid nitrogen ice cream (Jen's group hosted that one!). We can't explain how much our kids enjoy coming to this event every year. Every time we drive by our work Zach says, "that is mommy and daddy's work!" He even tells us he wants to go to work with us some days so he can play in the bouncy houses...yes, Zach thinks we play on bouncy houses all day at work :P

Here are Jason and Rick from Jen's group mixing up some liquid nitrogen ice cream!

Zach and Logan checking out the race track...

Zach in his bunny suit picture.

Logan in his with dad! Check out the grin on his face...

We invited the Abel's to come to this event with us this year. The kids loved the YE group demo - they were freezing all sorts of things with liquid nitrogen and were able to look at small objects through a powerful microscope and see semiconductor wafers.

Of course Logan was a COOL dude most of the day.

Outdoor activities when it is 90+ degrees outside aren't always popular with us. Zach and Logan were drawn to the 'kiddie' pool where they could fish out their very own rubber ducky to keep...

All in all a great day. The kids get excited to see where we work and this year we were able to bring the Abel's along with us...maybe now they will understand why we are such NERDS!

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