Wednesday, August 17, 2011


We survived our first family trip to Lagoon! Lagoon is an amusement park (think 6 flags style, just on a smaller scale with a LOT more shade) in Farmington Utah - about 40 minutes north of our house. Our neighbor was able to score a bunch of half off tickets, so we decided to take they day of work and hang out with them at Lagoon.

We arrived about noon (the park opens at 11am) and found a pavilion to eat our lunch under. Lagoon lets you bring in what ever food you want. Here are the kids chowing down.

We had two 3.5 year olds, a 2 year old and a 1.5 year old. Our neighbor Natalie had two of the leash children backpacks. She put one on her 2 year old daughter and Logan decided he wanted to wear the other one. He thought he looked SUPER COOL with a monkey on his back...UNTIL he realized other people could pull him around. Here is Haley taking care of Logan.

The monkey backpacks only lasted until we walked to our first ride, then they came off. We hit up kiddie land first. There were tons of rides for the kids. They loved all of them....the adults loved all of them too! Here they are riding the airplanes/helicopters...

Here I think Zach realized just how HOT it was outside...with no breeze what so ever.

Daddy and Logan flying the skies...

Three kids looking for trouble...

We survived until about 5:30pm. Both kids refused naps (obviously). We pumped them up with some sugar...but the melt downs still happened. Here is Zach - he walked 20 feet away from us and threw himself on the ground.

So at 6pm we decided to hit the road back home. On the way out we decided to let the kids run wild in the splash pads the had at the entrance. Logan wasn't too much into it (really tired boy at this point)...but Zach went to town! Good thing Jen packed an extra change of clothes...the boy was drenched!

We never even made it into the adult roller coaster part of the park. That didn't bother us as the kids were having a blast and it was awesome to see them so happy and get excited over rides. I bet our next trip to Disney will be the highlight of our kids year!

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