Monday, May 21, 2012

Avondale Preschool Graduation

Today is preschool graduation day!  Zach completed the 4 year old preschool class at Avondale Academy.  He has loved his teacher and his classmates.  Zach knows all this ABCs and his numbers up to about 20.  Zach also loves to sing and dance and has turned into quite the ham!

Zach with his partner in crime - Beckham.  Beckham is two months younger than Zach.  They are in the same class at church and Beckham lives down the street from us.

See - what did I tell you....a couple of characters showing us their best during the graduation ceremony.

The woman in the middle is Mrs. Madsen.  She was Zach's preschool teacher up until one month ago when she had her first baby.  The woman on the right is Mrs. Rue - she took over the class for Mrs. Madsen.

The solo song Zach had for his graduation was called "Gus the Goat".  The big glasses are the prop Zach used during the song.  He LOVED it.

Enjoying some snacks at the end with his classmates.

Proof he graduated!!

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