Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day

We were prepared....we were oh so prepared for Father's day today.  Dustin's favorite breakfast in bed, a massage, afternoon at the neighborhood swimming pool, dinner out as a family, gifts from all of us.  We were prepared.  

Apparently we weren't prepared enough.  Dustin woke up at 5am with the beginning symptoms of food poisoning.  By 7am, Dustin had accepted the fact that YES he did have food poisoning.  He went and hid himself in one of the bedrooms in our basement (with personal access to his own bathroom).  He stayed hidden until early evening when he came back upstairs and just laid on the couch.  The kids were concerned...they took turns putting a wet cloth on Dustin's head.

Jen kept the kids entertained all day.....the kids were looking forward to the cake we bought for dad to eat after dinner.  Dad told the kids they could have some today as long as they saved him a piece for when he felt better.

So even though we had a day full of fun things planned....Dustin did get lots of piece and quiet (I don't think the food poisoning part is what he wanted!).

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