Thursday, June 28, 2012


Dustin's dad, Glen, has a side job working for a car dealership in Colorado.  Say you wanted to buy a specific type of car....if your dealership didn't have it, they would negotiate with a different dealership for a car trade. Glen drives the car between the sites for the trade. Today Glen was hauling a Jeep Cherokee from Colorado to a dealership in Sandy, Utah.  He was able to stay the night with us...and of course we didn't tell the kids ANYTHING.  We were conveniently playing out front tonight when this rolled up....

The truck (which was hauling a Jeep Cherokee) stopped in front of our house.  Dustin tells the kids that this is the surprise for them....I think the kids thought the truck or the jeep being hauled was the surprise...until they saw Grandpa Gray get out of the truck!

They were all excited (as we expected).  Grandpa Gray was back at our house and he was driving a cool looking truck and was hauling a trailer.  We've hauled a trailer with our 4runner before - hauling ThunderPig.  I think Logan though the Jeep on the trailer was for us.  He crawled on the trailer and laid under the Jeep.  Check out his face!

Then the focus shifted to the big white truck Grandpa Gray was driving.  The kids took turns sitting in the back, eating treats that Grandpa Gray and brought with him to share with the boys.  Grandpa then took them for a drive in the big white truck.

The white truck with the trailer and the Jeep slept at the end of our street tonight - it was headed back to Colorado tomorrow morning.

The kids stayed up late playing with Grandpa Gray.  Even though it was only a few hours of time before bed - they cherished any time they can spend with him.  We were able to keep the kids from shedding tears in the morning when Grandpa Gray left - because they knew he would be back in just a few short days to celebrate the 4th of July with us!

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