Friday, December 28, 2012

Logan turns 3!

Today is Logan's 3rd Birthday!  Our 'baby' is really three years old?  We decided to let Logan call the shots today. Lucky for us we got a TON of new snow over the last couple of days so we started the day off by all heading the backyard for some fun.  We decided to build a snow fort....we didn't quite finish it the way we originally envisioned it to be - it was taking forever.  Jen may have made it to big to start with....

Jen's dad helping shovel some snow for the fort...
 Jen's mom helping build too...

Logan decided after a while it was time to just eat the snow....

Then Zach wanted to try some...

Now Logan, Zach and Jen...

So we decided to call our snow fort good as it was.  The boys loved having the slide into the fort.  We couldn't decide if we should play in the fort or just eat the fort!

We were out in the snow for a few hours, then headed back in for showers (yes, we were cold by the end of the fort building!).  Next stop on our agenda was lunch at 'Planet Play'.

Jen's mom got suckered into feeding the boys ice cream....those boys sure do have grandma wrapped around the their fingers!

Logan enjoying some of the rides, slides and arcade games!

Once we had enough food and games at 'Planet Play' we decided to take Jen's parents over to see the new Scheel's store.  The boys had fun posing with the stuffed skunks - these pictures make me laugh so much!

Late afternoon - we tried to get the boys to take a quick rest/nap...the best we got was them settled down for a movie.  Logan decided he wanted Del Taco for dinner - he is a sucker for their 50 cent soft tacos!

After dinner it was time for birthday presents!  Normally when it comes time for someone to open presents in our house it turns into a big fight because both Zach and Logan want to open presents - even if it is not their birthday.  Zach sat next to grandpa Twogood and let Logan open all his presents by himself...he didn't complain ones!  Here was Logan's stash!

Then Logan did the sweetest thing, he brought one of his presents over to Zach and asked him to open it!  That made Zach very happy and us adults very proud!

Then came time for the ultimate gift....Logan got his first two wheel bike (with training wheels)!  He can now cruise the neighborhood like his brother Zach!

Logan requested a 'dog' cake for his this is what Jen made - Logan LOVED it!

Make a wish Logan!

Our little man - three years old.  Logan has been our child that keeps us on our feet.  He is quick and determined.  He loves to help out in any way possible - from cleaning to doing projects with tools.  He is a sharer - naturally.  He will give everything he has away to others and he doesn't mind.  If you fall and get a 'boo boo', Logan is the first to run up to you and give you a hug and kiss it to make it better.  We love you Logan!!

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