Friday, December 21, 2012

The Flood...

The title of the blog post says it all.  Let me tell you a bit about what lead up to it.  It is the Friday before  the long Christmas 'weekend'.  Management at work informed everyone to leave work at 1pm today (yippee!) we did!  We picked the kids up from daycare and headed home.  At home we were doing some toy clean out (since Christmas was literally just a few days away...we needed to make room for the new toys).  We started re-arranging the furniture in the boys room - yup, Zach and Logan now share a room!  Jen decided it was stupid we had Zach's bed mattress just lying on the floor and suggested we run to the mattress store and buy a frame.  Zach's bed has been on the floor with no frame for about two years now...but for some reason it just NOW clicked to pay the $30 for the frame so we could store stuff under his bed!  So...we pack up the kids and head into town, buy what we need, and go back home and put it all together.  Then Dustin headed down to the basement to get Logan's dresser and this is what we saw....

There was water pouring out of the smoke detector and the air vent in Logan's room.  That wasn't all....water trapped in the ceiling plastic and running down the walls onto the floor in the storage room.  That still isn't all...water coming out of the ceiling, running down the inside of the walls into the floor in the main entertainment room downstairs.

We found the source...the main floor bathroom.  The boys must have clogged it and made it overflow right before we left the house to go and buy that bed frame.  What do you do??

Dustin put tubs out to catch the water...Jen called the insurance company.  Jen also had to call the babysitter and cancel for the evening.

The insurance company sent out a disaster recovery team (took them about 3 hours to get to the house).  The recovery company had this fancy tool they would stick in the carpet to detect moisture.  We originally thought that the water from the toilet just went down the floor air vent and traveled to the basement - we were wrong.  It also traveled under through the surrounding walls.  The carpet pad in the boys closet, the hall closet and the hallway. The water traveled under the first few boards of the hardwood floor.  In the basement basically all of Logan's room and half of the main entertainment room and the entry way to one of the guest bedrooms - they all had to have the carpet pads ripped out and the baseboards removed.

They also placed air blowers and de-humidifiers throughout the whole house...both main level and basement.

This would be the bathroom where it all started.....yes...that is the toilet....

So once the disaster recovery team finished up (about midnight), we dragged the kids bed mattresses into our room and we all slept in the master bedroom tonight.  The boys room was torn apart and had very loud air blowers going on.

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