Saturday, December 22, 2012

The day after - it's Jen's BIRTHDAY!

We survived last night, but realized just how loud all those blowers and de-humidifiers were.  You couldn't even watch TV on the main level because you couldn't hear it.  We were basically confined to the master bedroom.  The disaster recovery team came back and cut a bunch of holes in the walls in the basement to start drying the insides of the walls and ceiling now.  We were informed the blowers and de-humidifers had to stay on for a MINIMUM of THREE DAYS!  Yes - we were to have a loud house until Christmas Eve.

Jen's parents caught wind of what was going on and booked us two nights at the Marriott hotel just down from our house near Thanksgiving Point.  We figured - heck why not...they have an indoor pool...and it was Jen's BIRTHDAY!    Once the kids found out where we were headed...they were bouncing off the walls.  It was all Zach would talk about - we were going to a hotel and going swimming in the pool.

Zach packed his own bag....clothes, toys, name it - he had it!

The kids enjoying the indoor pool!  We invited our neighbors to join us for some swimming!

Afterwards we all went back to our room and had some yummy birthday cheesecake - red velvet!

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