Thursday, August 8, 2013

Cali or bust #1

Today was the day!  We started our road trip to Northern California after work.  The drive total is about 10-11 hours (with minimal kid stops).  We've never driven that long with the kids before, so we decided to break this road trip up into two days.

Here we are skipping out of SLC...

As we got onto I-80 we realized that Dustin has never DRIVEN to Jen's parents house....we have always flown.  He has never seen the salt flats!

Salt flats!

Optimius Prime also decided to tag along (Zach)....

We also got our first Amber Alert!  This thing was sent to us THREE TIMES!

Beautiful sunset while headed west on I-80 somewhere in Nevada

We stayed the night in Elko, Nevada....the kids always love the luggage cart rides

Of course the hotel HAD to have a pool...

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