Friday, August 9, 2013

Cali or bust #2

Well, we figured the kids would have slept in with the late night swimming...but, no dice.  We completely spaced it about the 1 hour time change - so 5:30am we were UP!  I guess we just better hit the road....

This is how we roll...

Once we got to Reno it was time for a break and lunch!  Lucky for us it was Hot August Nights in Reno so there were plenty of cars to look at!

We made it to Roseville, California and cousin Scott and London showed up shortly after our arrival.  We headed to the park down the street to let the kids blow off some energy.

Grandma Twogood had a surprise in store for the kids!  She bought them all sleeping bags and they were going to 'camp out' together in the living room!

Party in California!

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