Friday, June 27, 2014

Bird Bombs

We got home tonight after work and decided we were going to let the kids play outside while the lawn was mowed.  While the adults were inside changing our shoes the kids were out front.  All of a sudden Zach comes running in the house crying and says, "The bird pecked my head....the bird PECKED MY HEAD!!!!"

Yup.  The bird DID peck his head.  He was chirping up a storm swooping down at ANYBODY that started walking on our lawn.  Yes, OUR FRONT LAWN!  Here is the little terrorist.

So we did what ever parent would do...protect OUR BIRD is swooping down at our kids.

We sat out front watching the birds...oh yes...the BIRDS...another one showed up shortly to join the fun.  There were TWO of them and FOUR of us.

We watched them for a good 20 minutes (broom in hand), trying to figure out what was going on.  We knew there was a birds nest in the tree in our front yard....but the family of birds that built that nest was from four years ago and we had not seen it inhabited since....and we NEEDED to get our lawn mowed.

So....we mowed the lawn.  Jen got half way done with the front lawn and noticed something in the grass.  That baby bird wasn't in our grass through the entire ordeal up until now.  He must have fallen out while his parents (terrorist birds) were causing all the frenzy.

Dustin grabbed some gloves and moved the bird out of our yard to a secluded bush area so the parent birds would feel a bit safer.  But they kept chirping for a few more days....and my kids decided to wear their bike helmets outside!

Logan was proud to be helping (he was on broom duty while mom mowed the lawn) and Zach was still REALLY sad the birds pecked his head.

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