Monday, June 2, 2014

Challenger School Picnic

Today Zach's school had a family picnic in the evening.  Zach talked about it for the whole week before the event:

"We need to bring a picnic dinner to eat"
"I need to make sure I have a dollar to buy a snow cone"
"They are going to have a face painter!  I am getting my face painted"

So after work we picked up the kids and drove to a sandwich shop to get our "picnic".  The sandwich shop is attached to a gas station so we ended up picking out chips, beef jerky and slurpees too.  We arrived at the park right as the face painter was getting set up.  The boys both jumped in line (which was only about 1-2 kids long at this point) and this is what they picked to have on their face:

Yes, Logan did pick to have a "butterfly" painted on one of his checks.  I think the face painter still wanted him to be masculine, so she painted some lightening bolts on the other side.  Soon after they got their face painted they saw the people making balloon animals.  So that was the next line they stood in.  Zach walked away with a machine gun and a sword.  Logan had a machine gun and a pony that looked like a pink poodle.  With all the kids running around with their balloons, they didn't last long and most of it was all popped by the end of the event.

While the kids ran around the huge park and played with all their friends...we just ate our dinner.  It was fun to just sit and watch our kids run around with their friends and run around finding their teachers to say hi.  We never even made it to the splash pad at the park..there was too much other stuff there to have fun with!

We left and the kids were exhausted.  

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