Saturday, June 7, 2014


When Jen took the kids shopping for Dustin's birthday presents we stumbled upon a coconut.  The kids were adamant that a coconut should be one of Dustin's presents.  The kept feeling it, shaking it and wanted to drink everything that was inside it! we decided to crack open that coconut!  We all gathered around Dustin's workbench in the garage.  Zach got to do the honors of cracking that coconut with a hammer.

There it is!  See the water seeping out of the crack?

 We are putting those tools in the garage to good use.  Prying open that coconut.

Wahoo!  We did it!  We cracked open the coconut!

Each of the boys took turns trying out the coconut water.  I don't think they really new what to expect and the final consensus is regular water tastes better!

It took forever to get that white coconut off the shell.  In the evening we decided to make Pina Colada smoothies with the coconut...and the left over coconut shells can be made into a coconut shell bra!

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