Friday, August 8, 2008

New challenge

So we were looking over our blog the other day and realized most of it is about Zachary. We got to talking about "other" things we can blog about that don't involve Zach....we didn't come up with much! It is true that once you have a kid that becomes your life...which right now we are just we don't mind all that much! But here as an attempt at an offical - "nothing about Zachary" blog entry!

We both have been kind of drooling over the Apple iphones ever since they were released about a year ago. Our 1st excuse not to run out and purchase one was the internet on the phone was only available on AT&T's slow network - we had no problems waiting until a 3G version was available. As many of you know, that happened July 11th! So now we are trying to justify spending the $300 for each phone and have an increase in our monthly cell phone bill (maybe $30 more month). This is what we have come up with so far....

We have been married almost 7 years (this October!) and we have the waist lines to prove it! We have accepted the fact that we will never get back to our "thinnest" time of our lives - but dropping some excess pounds is desired by the both of us. So we have decided that we will only buy the new iphone if/when we lose the pounds we no longer want. Dustin wants to lose 20 lbs, Jen wants to lose 35 lbs. Lets see how long this takes us!


Craignlisa said...

Uhh... what year did you guys get married? I am pretty sure that it may seem like 8 years, but today is our anniversary and we have been married 8 years. You guys...sorry, but only 7 years. :)

Good luck on the new challenge. Craig and I need something as an insentive to loose weight. It is so hard.

Dustin and Jen Gray said...

Hah! You are right....may only be 7 years but it feels like eight! :) I will get that fixed!

Scott's said...

Oh slacker - I just got one and I love it! Better lose those pounds fast so we can trade iPhone stories!