Sunday, August 31, 2008

Goodbye Nick and Sarah

As many of you know - Dustin's youngest sister Sarah and her new husband Nick have been living with us this summer. They were married in April and were looking for a place to stay for the summer while on break from school...well...the wheels got turning in our minds and came up with a win-win scenario for us all! Nick and Sarah lived in our basement, Nick got a summer job at Cabela's and Sarah watched Zachary all summer while Jen was at work. Now it is time for Nick and Sarah to head back to BYU Idaho to finish their degrees (Sarah has one semester left, Nick has two semesters left). We are sad...we don't want Nick and Sarah to go! We have really been spoiled this summer having them around, here is a sample:
  • Sarah takes Zach on LONG stroller walks during the day, he has the tan legs to prove it!
  • Sarah has dinner ready almost every weeknight by the time Dustin and Jen get home from work...we aren't talking mac-n-cheese here...we are talking real meals cooked from scratch.

  • Our front and back yard have BEAUTIFUL flowers - all thanks to Sarah the horticulture major. We actually had someone stop in front of our house and take pictures (while we were doing yard work) because they liked the way it looked and wanted to incorporate it with their landscape plans. Maybe we should have charged them for the picture ;)

  • Nick mows our lawn...some how we just come home and it is done...we've never asked him to do it.

  • Everyone has improved in guitar hero - Dustin had some competition with Nick and Sarah.

  • Jen had a shopping partner - Sarah!
  • Sometimes it is just nice having an extra set of hands to help out on getting stuff done, doing everything alone gets kind of hard with a baby to entertain as well.
We know Nick and Sarah aren't too excited to head back to their 550 sqft student apartment - I guess staying in ~1700 square foot basement with your own bathroom, kitchenette with a mini fridge always stocked with sodas, unlimited internet access, 65 inch TV with DirecTV, Wii, and a PS3 will do that to you :).....but they know they are always welcome to come visit us when ever they want (it is only a 4.5 hour drive!).

As a "Thank you" gift to Nick and Sarah for all they helped us with this summer we gave them a Wii....not only will having a Wii make them the coolest student married couple at BYU Idaho, they can keep practicing their guitar hero....

Zach wanted the string....kept him entertained for a while!

Don't you love the shocked look in Sarah's face?

Zach with his Uncle Nick

Here are some snapshots of Nick and Sarah this summer:

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Kelly said...

That worked out really well. I hope they have a good time wrapping up their final semester or two at BYU-Idaho. Lindsey wants to go there for the same major.