Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hike up to Mt. Timpanogos Caves

Today we hiked up to Mount Timpanogos in the American Fork Canyon - there are some caves up there you can tour. Our friend from Austin, Jody Ross, was in town visiting - so a hiking we went! Big thanks to the Krotosky's for watching Zach while we hiked...we weren't really sure if we wanted to take him up on the hike. I think we made the right decision by leaving Zach behind. The day was kind of drizzly with rain/hail and inside the caves there are some very narrow areas you have to squeeze through and it is about 40 degrees inside - not really ideal for an 8 month old. One thing we all agreed upon when we finished is WE ARE WAY TOO OUT OF SHAPE! Tomorrow isn't going to be pretty with the sore muscles! Some pictures of our adventure!

The start of the hike...notice the smiling faces?

The caves are at the top!

Dang rain! Luckily it was very light and stopped soon after we started hiking.

Come on Jody - we can do it!

Are you sure there is a cave up there?

Oh no! Don't fall Dustin!

Oh yeah - we made it!

What a morning - now time to head back down. See the city in the background in between the mountains?

Back at the we were dead.


Kelly said...

We've hiked that once and thought it was intense. A lot of fun too. You don't live too far from there, do you?

Dustin and Jen Gray said...

We live about 10 miles from the caves...