Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Skipper

Dustin has been dying to go fly fishing ever since making his way back to Utah a year ago. We went about a month ago and Dustin's fly fishing pole broke. Well, we just barely got his pole back from the manufacturer (newly replaced free of charge...yeah!) this past what was first on the agenda for Dustin this Saturday morning? FLY FISHING! This time he wanted to use his new "Fat Cat" raft to go out into the middle of Silver Lake Flats in American Fork Canyon.

Here is Zach and Dustin getting the raft all ready the night before. They were practicing fishing and catching Zach's shark.

So when Zach and Jen woke up at 8am - Dustin was already long gone....on his fishing adventure. 12:30pm rolls around and here comes Dustin walking in with DINNER! He caught 7 rainbow trout - he had to throw 3 of them back because the limit on trout is 4 per day (Utah State rule for the area he was fishing). I think he gained another star for his man card.

Proud man of his take home catch

Zach wanting to see the fish

Now time to clean up that "Fat Cat" - it will stay inflated for a few more weeks...I am sure Dustin will continue to have the bug to go fishing until it snows!


Tom said...

I'm pretty sure Man Card's don't have stars...

But regardless, you need to get your Authentic Man Card for you and your Son! I run, and our mission is to issue every Man in the world their Man Card. Thanks for helping the cause!

Sarah said...

yay, I'm glad the fish cat was worth it! I'm jealous that you had fresh fish for dinner!