Thursday, September 25, 2008

Snap Krackle POP!

Well, this is a first! We were cooking dinner in the oven tonight and heard a "CRACK"....walked over to the oven to see our pampered chef stoneware split right in half! We are totally baffled. We've used this thing for 7 years!


Kelly said...

Well, let me give you an explanation, have been a PC consultant for 14 years and done more than a thousand cooking shows in that time. You need to keep the surface area to cold or especially frozen food ration somewhat balanced. In other words, you can't have a big cold dense chunk of meat on a big giant stone all by itself. There's a thermal shock effect, sort of. A cold spot on a really big stone. You could have a small stone to cook that dense cold object you were heating or cooking and the stone would have survived. OR, you could have several pieces of that unknown food item, evenly spread all over your stone, and nothing would have happened.

So now you know! I still love baking on stoneware, even though I'm no longer a consultant. Great baking results. Just call Lisa and order a new one. They are guaranteed for three years. Bummer, though, about your nicely seasoned rectangle stone. I'd be bummed.

Kelly said...

ratio is what I meant to type, not ration