Friday, October 3, 2008

Festivities of Cornbelly's

Tonight we headed to the Cornbelly's corn maze at Thanksgiving point with the Krotosky's (big thanks to Jeff who ended up carrying the diaper bag all night!). This event has more than just a corn fact we could have skipped the corn maze part and still kept ourselves busy with all the other activities. I blogged a bit ago about the maze being of David Archuleta - well, they even had David Archuleta songs playing as you went through the maze....I will say it again....there is something wrong about that. But we had a blast taking Zachary through all the activities (corn maze, pumpkin shooting, corn dogs, hay rides, pumpkin picking, jumping pillow, and much much more) ...this will probably be a yearly event for us as long as we are here in Utah.

Looking good as a farmer!

Not sure who is having more fun - Dustin or Zach?
The Cow Train - Jen was excited to take Zach on this...

Family hay ride - I just noticed we all wore blue.

The hay ride driver stopped and picked little pumpkins for all the kids. Zach LOVED his 1st own little pumpkin!

Dinner - fresh hand dipped foot long corn dogs. They sure were good - unfortunately Jen's decided to come back up about 4 hours later.

The corn maze - looks a bit more alive this year!

Zach enjoyed his the fresh corn to play with!

Who needs a diaper bag when you have Dustin's jean pockets?

The "grown men" - Dustin and Jeff enjoyed jumping on the "pillow". I think that was the first time all night that Jeff smiled! Both guys gave it two thumbs up - quite the work out apparently!

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Kelly said...

You guys always do such fun things together. My favorite picture was of Dustin's jeans with an ear of corn in one pocket and a bottle in the other.