Monday, October 13, 2008

Update on our sick baby

So Sunday night Zach slept a bit better - he would only wake up every 1-2 hours. He isn't barking like a seal when he coughs as much as Saturday night. He still has a fever ~100 degrees that tylenol/motrin wasn't able to break until of course this morning at 9am when Jen took Zach to the doctor (the nurse gave me a funny look when I told her that I took his temp at 7:30am at it was 100 degrees, she said "well it is 98 degrees now"). It was the happiest I have seen him in two days....IN THE DOCTORS OFFICE! The doctor confirms Zach does indeed have croup, but looks to be in the recovery phase..which means probably another day of a fever and cold like symptoms for the rest of the week. Zach seems to like the grape flavored Pedialite - so we give him 2oz every couple of hours. We haven't been successful getting him to eat/drink anything else at this point in time. On a positive note - Zach has gained 1 pound in the past 3 months. Jen had been worried ever since she took Zach to the doctor two months ago at 7 months of age when we thought he had an ear infection (just teething!) and he hadn't gained any weight since his 6 month it is good to know our boy is still growing!

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