Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pimp my RIDE

As soon as Dustin got back from his Moab trip some "upgrades" apparently were necessary for our eight year old 4 runner. We new it was time for new tires, shocks and rotors....a $1500 expense that we gladly were expecting to pay - especially since it would need to be done before the winter. Well....then Dustin found a shop to do the work and the owner had a sweet deal on some rims...something Dustin has been DYING to upgrade on the 4 runner for quite some time....and of course if Dustin got some sweet rims he needed to upgrade the size of the tires being put on the 4 runner.....and.....a lift kit....and....when they were doing all these "upgrades" to our vehicle it was discovered our rack and pinion steering needed to be replaced....three days later and well beyond the orignal $1500 here is Dustin's new PIMPED OUT RIDE!

Jen has been told several more off roading trips will occur in the near future!

1 comment:

Sarah said...

haha that's awesome! It looks like the tire almost touches the wheel well!